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In 2003, Cortech Co. Ltd. was established. Cortech Co.Ltd. struggles to manufacture suitable products for the consumer’s choice and manufacturing market. The construction and manufacturing market are constantly progressing due to the technical development of multiple products which includes automatic and semi-automatic doors, door hinges and telescopic door’s hardware, with the inclusion of door and window installation. After 2010, Cortech Co. Ltd. has made countless efforts in the development of export markets. Exporting multiple products to the country of Vietnam, UA, Southeast Asian countries and Turkey.

The domestic internal door market is steadily growing too. We are setting a trend of producing door hardware for automatic and semi-automatic internal doors after collaborating with internal door manufacturers and experts. Cortech values and aims for customer satisfaction through our products and services. Offering reasonable and affordable prices after the quality check of products for the convenience of customers and safety.

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