Automatic Door Accessories

Automatic door Door sensor
– Power : AC12∼24V DC12∼30V- Power consumption : Max. 2W- Height : Max. 3.5m

Automatic door Touch button-wireless & receive
Switch-wireless for opening/ closing door- keep opening

Automatic door Touch button-with wire
Switch-wired for opening/ closing door

Automatic door Obstacle detection sensor
Obstacle detection

Automatic door Touch switch for the handicapped
Switch, opening and closing the door, installed in entrance and inside of torlet for the handicapped

Automatic door Card reader
Opening/ closing door by password or ID card- Power : AC12∼24V DC12∼30V- Power consumption :

Automatic door Proximity Sensor
-Power DC12~DC24V -Sensing distance: Adjustable by the user within 45cm

Automatic door Switch for shifting programmed mode
keep open/close, exit/enter only, half/full open, auto

Automatic door Key switch
For locking/ unlocking the door

Automatic door Remote controller
For remote controlling door

Automatic door UPS
Uninterruptible power supply for emergency

Automatic door MECHANICAL LOCK
– DC 24V- Dead bolt type (Fail safe type)

Automatic door Electric Magnetic Lock
– Power: 12V ~ 24V – Size(Main body): 253mm X 47mm X 25mm

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