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Automatic Door System

Why Our Services Is Different From Others?

We are working in the door business. We not only manufacture different types of doors but also sell and install them. Our manufacturers possess years of experience in this service and that makes us stand out in the market. Our services start from the manufacturing of the door and end at installation of the automatic door system. But the thing is customers want to know what makes us unique in this business. First of all, we are envisioned to work for the customer’s satisfaction. We will be there on the service until the customer is fully satisfied with the installation and all the other things. Secondly, we provide the services at cheaper rates compared to the service providers in the market. Lastly, we take guarantee of the material we use in manufacturing of the doors to make a relationship with the customer. We work to make relations not to earn profits.

In this piece of writing, we are going to tell you what kind of doors we manufacture and sell. In addition to that, we will also apprise the types of mechanisms we use in the installations of the doors in your house.



Wood & Glass Doors

As automatic door manufacturers, we manufacture the automatic door in wood as well as in glass. This kind of door works on a wheel, which moves in a plain box opened from one side where the wheels move. The best thing about these doors is that they give a completely new look to your house. Either you live in an apartment or a bungalow, these doors will embellish your home at its best. They become the ‘wow factor’ at your house. With the help of these doors, you can enjoy the warmness of light without feeling the severe heat of the sun. They blur and reduce the impact of the light radiations. With the help of designs that are made on the glass of these doors, you can have different light colors in your house. These doors are the core service we provide to our clients.



Automatic Door Manufacturers

We claim to be the best automatic door hardware manufacturers in the town. And, this statement has been validated by our customers’ testimonials. They always give positive feedback regarding us. We not only focus on the design of automatic doors but also look after and take care of the three other critical aspects of the door, including performance, aesthetic appeal and thermal efficiency. The last thing is specifically important when we are manufacturing large doors for business corporations. However, for home doors, we usually put more focus on performance and the appearing appeal of the door.




Why You Need To Install Automatic Door?

We install doors after galvanizing them up to the top of the doors. This provides super functionality and quality to them. This will also make them more reliable and more durable. With the help of galvanization, the doors will not rust and work after a year as they were working on the first day. The design of these doors is a successful combination of excellence and premium quality. Because of the installation quality we possess, we have been praised by Red Dot awards 2021. We make our doors from stainless stain and premium quality wood, therefore, our doors become a centerpiece in your home’s decoration.



Our Skilled Professionals

We have hired a team of people who have specialized degrees in the designs of the doors. Because of that aspect, the design we provide to the doors are unique in the market. After manufacturing the doors, we also test them by putting pressure and weight on them to check how strong they are. This has been done to provide strength to the doors. We do not recommend taking doors to independent strength testing centers as they deal with doors in a very unprofessional way. That eventually results in cracks in the door.

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