Building Security Risks & Automatic Doors System

automatic door system

We know that in the building security doors play a very important role, without doors, no proper security can be

possible because the door creates the way for incoming and outgoing, whereas the use of doors for the security

purpose is essential because only for a room which is based on walls no one can in and out. In the building, many

places are restricted which is not for the general public use, or many offices limit set on the basis of the doors,

without doors, separation could not be possible, which means the doors are the essential product for the separation,

privacy, and the security of the building, and another same kind of thing. 


The shot circuit in an emergency

The electric and automatic doors are good in functioning and energy-saving but this is the good side of the good

functioning and the good functioning is depending on the regular power and consistent power the risk factor is when

some kind of short circuit happens in an emergency and that doors start disturbance in exits which is horrible.

  • Malfunctioning of doors

The automatic doors are ideal for the different kinds of uses like in big buildings, hospitals, and other areas, because

of the beauty and low area coverage, but sometimes that things become an issue for the general public as the

automatic doors begin to do malfunction, which can cause big sudden damage and accidents, that doors could be

good as well. 

  • Power out issue

For the automatic anything electricity and power is like blood for the body, which means without electricity power

the automatic doors are unable to perform their functions, which means all things get an automatic lock as power

out, so this is the big risk factor for the use of power-based doors because anything possible suddenly.

  • Storm issue

The good side of the automatic doors, they are good in handling the storm and the emergency locking due to some

urgent matters which could occur at any time, but the damage of automatic doors also is possible if the quality is not

good or the fitting is not up to the mark and by the professional installers.

  • Hacking or cyber attack

The main issue of the controlled and power base doors is they can be hacked and controlled by some outsiders no

matter what kind of door you are using, either you are even using the automatic sliding door as well the issue

remains the same the automation invites the risk of hacking and the cyber attack which could be costly for the


  • Wrapping up

In view of the above points, we can say that automatic door system is good if it has been installed by the experts

otherwise compromise on quality and fitting of that doors could be horrible for security reasons, if the doors are

not functioning up to the mark or not working in the desired way, it’s means they are useless.


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