Heavy Door Slider

For Heavy Door Slider Door Operator

Cross section


Description  / model 
Door weightMax. 100kgMax. 120kg
Door width MaxMin. 2500mmMin. 1500mm
Operator installation space
Min. 180mm
Opening force22N ↓22N ↓
Driving typeCoil springCoil spring
Braking typeAir cylinderAir cylinder
Rail typeAl Rail + hanger rollerAl Rail + hanger roller
Remarks Wide doorHeavy door

  • Sliding is performed through a hanger roller.
  • Door hanger provided with double roller for door stability support.
  • Reinforcements were introduced in rail for door stability support.
  • The driving system is provided with a tension coil spring for automatic closure.
  • A brake system equipped with air-type cylinders ensures a smooth closing.
  • Wide door with a maximum width of 2500mm. Applicable for Museum’s entrance door – CT-700 WSA.
  • Door weighing up to 250 kg max.- CT-700 HSA.

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