Safety Door Closer Automatically

Cross section


Description  / model 
Door Width800 ~ 1100mm
Door WeightMax. 40kg
Door WidthDoor WeightStandard Color
Standard ColorSILVER
OptionThe door width is Less 800mm or Over 1100mm

  • Tension coil spring and brake system type of air type for automatic closure of doors available.
  • No requirement of electricity with installation very easy.
  • Connecting rod is only separated when opening the door.
Installation effects

  • Reduce the cooling and heating costs : Any time keep closing (as necessary keep opening)

How to Install

Make sure the door is properly installed and slide very smoothly and lightly before installing the Safety Door Closer. (if necessary, replace the bottom roller)

Install the connector bracket on the door at the end of the opening direction

Install the Door Closer above the door frame with screw provided

The end line of the Door Closer and bracket is same line

Insert the connecting rod into the bracket

How to keep the doors open

Remove the connecting rod from connecting bracket and use manually

How to adjust pull power and door speed.

If the speed can not be controlled by speed control valve, replace the Safety Door Closer (If you did not replace it, there are many risks such as injury)

Adjust pulling power

Adjust door speed

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