Current Area of Automatic Doors & Their Lock Usage

automatic doors and their Current area

The automatic doors are the trend of the new demand in the world. Because of many security reasons normal doors are staying back. The new technology is the identity of the changing world. The usage of automatic doors is increasing with the different security needs. Now the world knows the true benefits of it.

Some are the top priority and risk base places where need to use smart locks with automatic doors. The combination of doors and locks is very old and no security can survive without it. The smart lock needs smart and automatic doors combination to fulfill complete security as per the world’s top standards.

1. DNA access area

The DNA access areas are those areas where some top and secrete matters discuss. And those places are not accessible for everyone. For entry and exit need to pass through a DNA checking lock which plugin with automatic doors. Due to high-security matters by the different governments in their country now this technology locks are on top.

2. With keypad access

In most of the secondary areas of security and priority coding on the keypad is kind of another lock. These types of locks are very true in security for the military and agencies’ uses. But due to its good name now in normal security areas of different industries, it is also used.

3. Mobile access

Mobile access is the way to unlock the automatic doors as well. it can be used with the manual doors as well. Control from the API or direct from the Wi-Fi support both are possible, it’s up to you what you select. 

4. Without touch access

The without-touch access lock is now also in trend where you need to unlock with your eye or face recognition. These types of locks are now getting hit in the market because of no-touch and damage issues. Only need to use it from a distance long-life pure security facility.

5. Card access

With automatic doors need to use automatic locks to make their perfect work. Without a good combination, performance will not match with the standard. For that kind of lock need a different kind of cards. It could be a simple card, device card, and other cards.

6. Infra key access

The infra key is the smart key in different shapes or sizes with a small circuit inside. It doesn’t need to insert it in any lock. Only just need to come in front of the lock and the lock work automatically will open no need for anything to do.

7. Job base access

Different doors are also in combination with the technology which can allow job base access. the control of access connected with main job database control. Which can filter the different people base on the job. The filtrations of job base use in different unlocking of locations.

8. Floor base access control

The other door and floor filtrations also can be done on the basis of the floor. The security between the staff is also possible because different work floor privacy matters a lot for some work. In different organizations places matter a lot for the privacy of work. 

9. Lifts access control

In a number of locations, lifts are only for the staff not for the general public. In some locations staff further filter on the basis of different locations which means every lift is under control. The different sub-automatic doors support lifts to get filtered staff for the specific locations.

10. Customer and guest access

In different places where customer and direct guests are not allowed. In those places, automatic doors and automatic locks play an important role. an automatic door is easy to open and close without personal interference. On another hand, the automatic lock only allows automatic doors by meeting correct criteria by the authorized persons.

11. Security-wise access

In the different high security and risk areas like jail. Every place security is different from each other which means separate doors and locks. The access control for each lock is not under authority. That is another big market for security-wise access.

12. Home base doors

In the homes, many interior decorators use different kinds of combinations with the doors and the locks. It is totally depended on house users how much and what kind of security they want. The combination could be based on smart security or beauty as well.

13. Wi-Fi access control

The Wi-Fi access control is the best thing for home users and private area users. Because before your arrival you can open your doors without dependency on the human guards. You can control it with your internet from anywhere but must need access to IP and codes.

14. Surround based access control

The surround base access control is used for the open environment where the need to control big traffic. Auto control of exit and entry in any big place on basis of the people inside mostly use those doors.

15. Biometric access control

In an advanced locking system, biometric access is another good door locking system which also connected with the big database. It can control access and permission on the basis of biometric and respective jobs.

16. Operation theater access

Most of the operation theaters where need more and open places for surgical matters mostly use an automatic sliding door. That doors are ideal for that location. Small places with high-performance doors.

17. Lab base access

Most of the labs are based on door system with smart locking. As in the labs, not all people allow only concern authorized can in and out. Further, the lab has many machines which need proper security as well so smart security is mandatory.

18. Pharmacy card access

In most of the good and standard pharmacies, Automatic door is common for use. Because of fast movement and rush in different areas that doors play a very important role. further, those doors are good with automatic locks as well. In case of any emergency, it could be lock and unlock immediately.

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