5 Common Things You Should Know About Automatic Door System

automatic door system

Theft is rampant in every country in 13 seconds although this is an alarming number. Business owners can use some automated security technologies like an automatic door system to protect their businesses. One of the best ways to save resources is to install an automated system. But how do they increase store security?

First, we must make sure that stealing is not the only security problem in the home. Here are some of the best ways an automated system can protect your business:

Working Principle of these doors

Starting with the most important process … an automatic swing door (they open inside or outside depending on the hinges) and cross the door (sliding doors, single or two) has fault-resistant protection, Electric Eye. This sensor uses to ensure that anything in the path of the closed-door protects to prevent the door from closing. In other words, imagine a flashlight running into the room and measuring a mirror or a mirror. The door motor controller will receive an icon indicating that everything clears, then open the door to close it without any problems. However, if the cord is accidentally inserted, it will send an immediate signal to the device to stop its shutdown function.

1.     Sensors

In addition, the automatic door system usually includes a type of infrared sensor. Although it cannot detect by sight, this type of sensor acts as the head of the shower, blocking the swimmer. When detected in a protected area with or without any barriers. The infrared barrier will fit into the position in front of the door to trigger the opening or closing operation. When these roads or private cars connect, such as a shopping mall, these devices send signals to the motor that controls the door.

2.     Operation through microprocessor

Impacts in these interactive pathways during normal operation. They power it with a microprocessor and a motor controller to operate the various gates. In addition, these control boards use for circuit time to keep the door open or closed until the sensor clears or the door closes. If they do not work properly, the wrong door can brokes to protect the sidewalks. When these devices are disabled, damaged, or inactive due to a lack of regular maintenance, the doors they control may die.

3.     Plastic gears

Some products may use plastic gears and parts that are less rigid than others, but sometimes sacrifices, in order to ensure the safety of the door device or turn off the door device, are not working. Among the most expensive and durable products, the product is designed and manufactured on drives or steel, and often relies on complex computer control systems to manage the door.

In addition to sensor control, many doors have a manual transmission. These switches work with the sensor to automatic door opener and activate the motor control when the sensor is displayed in the clear area.

4.     Rotary type

The most complex and intricate automatic door system is the rotary type. Types are usually found at airports, hotels, and other places where there is a lot of noise or heating. A small light to detect the rotation speed of the door, and other clusters for the closing of the commercial automatic entry doors (if for some reason) an object or person attempting to enter the door at an inopportune time). A quick stop that stops the immediate turn of the door. It is often the case that there is a manual escape, which uses to reduce the movement of the door. In the case of wheelchairs, as well as a monitoring device that demonstrates the function of the door for maintenance personnel. The commercial automatic sliding doors price is high but often has a storage device that records unsatisfactory records for future retrieval by maintenance personnel.

Security Checks You Need To Make Sure Before Installing An Automatic Door System 

1.     Captures everyone entering in the building 

Whether in a business or a residential building, people cannot see anyone entering or leaving. The automatic doors commercial works better than your simple selection options, but when used with video surveillance, you will catch everyone passing through the door without a hitch. First, install these thresholds in the access management system. 

However, the use of video surveillance is only half of the security problem. For example, your driveway should connect to objects and sensors, but they must still have a variety of ways to search your home. In today’s busy world, it is wise to ask a security company to work on repairing your door, including cleaning, extending and updating security hardware.

2.     Enables fire protection and ease to escape 

Whenever there is a fire, you should make sure that everyone in the house can get out as quickly as possible. As an emergency door, the automatic system is connected to the business access control and can be properly closed in the event of a fire. 

3.     Locks the unwanted people in 

It is important to detain the unaccompanied minor before police arrive on the scene. If you can protect a thief in an empty house, this is the best situation

This can also include video surveillance, which is necessary to find out the whereabouts of a thief. By locking doors and automatic sliding doors commercial, you can capture what you want without fear of endangering your life. In other words, the automatic door is the key to a company’s security, especially when your business relies on security boxes.

4.     Keep away the unwanted people 

Certain aspects of your business can prevent customers and employees from entering. Use feature access features or other types of features to keep visitors from visiting these sites.

5.     Easy to access 

Treating the elderly and children? Then the entrance is important for you. The automatic sliding door system makes it easy for seniors and children to enter and leave the house, creating a collaborative customer service environment.

Final Thoughts 

When looking to install an automatic door system, please consult with a company that uses the highest quality products and repairs necessary to ensure that the automatic door system works properly.

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