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Automatic Door System

In the society we are living in, automatic door have become a trend in everything like stores, homes, businesses, etc. Although these doors have great advantages like safety and usability, it also requires a lot of maintenance to go for a long time. 

This is the prospect of many homes: the door will open automatically and then close again. Inside the shops, hotels, and car dealerships, as well as public offices and hospitals, these doors are beautiful.

In this article, we will examine the different types of automatic doors in the market, their characteristics, and how to fix them to prevent problems.

Types Of Automatic Doors You Should Know Before Installing Them 

Knock on the door or turn on the door, pull or slam the door, and close the door again after you pass: sometimes this annoys. People often forget to close their doors, especially.

For some people, opening and closing the door is impossible, such as with wheelchairs, children, the elderly, or the disabled. The automatic door allows anyone to enter the house easily, which increases the value and anticipation.

Manufacturers are responsible for the fitting and installation of these automatic doors. You should also know the different types of automatic doors before installing them in your place:

Sliding doors

Worm drives are used in the automatic sliding door. Their design is simple and effective because, for delivery, they use only a crown wheel and meshes with debris to stimulate teeth and reduce transmission speed. Reduces the gearbox movement, which means the gearbox can operate at an angle of 90 degrees.

The worm is placed on top of the door and its system is moved through a pulley and belt system to get accommodation.

Sectional garage door 

These parking doors rely on a linear-device reducer designed to change the rotation frequency of a low-voltage DC light switch. 

One advantage is that it requires less space compared to other systems. 

Access gates 

The entrance is another automatic door that uses the same worm system. The one that lowers the material at the bottom of the gate and creates movement through the pinion and rack on the motor. 

Supermarket access doors 

Planetary cutters are used in these doors consisting of a solar panel with a crown or ring bearing that moves in the carrier, i.e. the area of the system can be the center of the ring. It becomes really easy to change direction. 

At an automatic swing door, the movement of the gear moves the door.

Tips For Extending Life Of Automatic Door 

The most common problems of the automatic route are:

  • noise
  • vibration
  • Motor vehicle
  • Gear damaged due to lock

In order to reduce these failures at automatic doors and extend the working life of their components,
It is important to conduct a comprehensive study of the workload, rate, and speed required for their performance.

In addition, the use of electronic controls during pumping and downtime reduces stress on the system by reducing voltage/electricity at start-up and exercise.

The solution is usually used to ensure that the operation is continuous, which results when the system detects high consumption over a period of time. By disconnecting the power supply, it can prevent fires and the risk of failure.

Similarly, it is also important to use a grass-free motor at the heavy door because, as the name suggests, they do not use brushes, which gives them a long service life.

Preventing Noise In Automatic Doors 

The artificial device that uses such a door has a high risk of noise and vibration in the environment. The reason is related to the different ways in which the machine is used, the material of the cinematic object, and the material used from the machine to the house.

To prevent these failures, using a brushless motor indoors is necessary to reduce vibration. In addition, we must not forget that these machines have a long service life, which is a useful advantage when considering installation.

In addition, the use of plastic and kinematic rollers can also prevent rolling on metal meshing, causing excessive noise and vibration.

Another good option is to use helical grit, which will produce less noise and laziness due to excessive tooth size. Similarly, using a working metal machine will result in more vibration, their limitation will cause more vibration during operation.

Bushings can be used to tight the anchor bolts between the main anchor and the reducer. The flexible polymer coating sets the tone that can occur at the main contact between the various components of the machine.

CLR Improves Performance Of Automatic Doors 

CLR is also effective in terms of the development of customized hardware requested by the customer according to their needs. This is the result of the hard work of the professional engineer of the company.

A professional company would have worked a lot in this field. One such service includes a customer who manufactures automatic door operators, automatic systems, motors, and automatic door accessories.

At CLR, the company must have developed an automatic door system that can connect to various machines and output slots. It is also quiet and has a long service life. Therefore, customers are trying to upgrade their systems and products to suit their needs.


In the United States alone, more than 50 billion doorways are opened and closed every year, and automatic doors have a record of excellent performance.

Automatic doors are manufactured using unlimited technology selected by the manufacturers to provide the efficient operation of each system.

In addition, the automatic gateway and the smart system have a number of functions installed, allowing for further configuration for the specified applications.

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